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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My 911 Memory

After working the night shift, I had to deal with a few employee issues with Admin in my capacity as the president of my local AFSCME union. I finally got home sometime around 9:45. I turned the television on to catch the CNN news and, at first, thought I had TBS or TNT—some movie on instead of what gradually dawned on me was for real.

I sat quietly, drinking a cup of coffee, mesmerized, until the report of Flight 93 crashing into a field in Somerset, Pennsylvania (less than one-hundred miles from where I live) broke. I decided I would have to risk a scolding by The Sweety and waken her, for she had relatives who lived there.

The Sweety had only the day before flown to Minnesota as a companion for our daughter, who was starting her first year of college at Carlton University. I often wonder what might have happened had Fate made that trip a day later.

I did get a bit scolded, for The Sweety was exhausted from the round trip flight. She called our daughter to be assured she was all right. She was, but not aware of the horror taking place in the East.

So The Sweety and I watched the history of 911 unfold like millions of other couples.

Will we ever forget that day? Never. Has our lives gone on? Yes, else those that did this evil thing win.

The Robert     

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